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Thinking of joining us? 

Here's everything you need to know

The University of Warwick Volleyball Club prides itself on being one of the most international clubs on campus, open to everyone and catering all skillsets, from complete beginners to advanced competitive players. 

The club is divided into three tiers of competition and commitment level, with a total of 6 teams competing either in BUCS league or within the regional West Midlands Volleyball Association. Joining any of these teams happens via a trials process at the start of Term 1. The club, in an effort to give everyone as many opportunities as possible, tries to keep an eye out, promoting mobility between teams and potentially hosting further trials in later terms. 

Disclaimer: due to BUCS regulation, only enrolled students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at the university can compete in BUCS league

First Teams:

Men's and Women's 1st teams are UWVC's highest performance level, and part of the Warwick Sport Performance Program, offering specialised technical training, global fitness, and strength and conditioning sessions, as well as access to physiotherapy and nutritional guidance. Belonging to this team provides huge benefits, with the most on and off-court training at the cost of being the highest level of commitment within the club.

Second Teams:

2nd teams are an avenue for players to continue improving and competing at BUCS level. This team has similar competitive opportunities to 1st team (playing in BUCS league, enrolling in Student Cup, etc.), while limiting compulsory trainings to the regular on-court sessions.

WMVA Teams:

WMVA players have access to the opportunity to play in a unique league relative to the other teams. Being a regional league, these teams are open to anyone at the University (including post-docs and staff). Much like second team, it is a great place for players in love with the sport to continue to challenge themselves and grow.

BUCS Beach:

After the end of the regular court season, UWVC offers a transition to beach volleyball in Term 3, with the end goal of BUCS beach league and Beach Cup tournament. Whilst the organisation of beach varies yearly, it typically includes specialised beach oriented court and fitness training.

Outside the volleyball court, the club regularly holds numerous events, from movie nights to Wednesday POP! (a Warwick institution), sauna sessions or karaoke, for any and all to come socialise, relax, meet new people and knit together the entire UWVC family.


Can I be a member of the club without being part of a team?

Yes! We run a number of events throughout the year, for fun, for sport and for charity. You can choose to join the club as a social member, as you would any society in the SU. The best way to keep updated with what we're doing is to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. Everyone is welcome!

I am not going to be at Warwick for the whole year, can I still join a team?

Absolutely! We've had a number of exchange students throughout the years, at every level of play at UWVC. Please do come to trials and let us know how long you're around for!

Where can I get club merch?

The club puts together an order at the start of each term. If you see anything you like, get in touch with our Secretary and/or Treasurer. Check out the brochure here!

Where can I find a timetable for games and events?

There is a weekly newsletter sent out to all club members. On our Facebook and Instagram pages, you can see posts for upcoming events and highlights of the week. Due to Covid-19, a more long-term look at what is planned for the year is not currently available, but we will keep you up to date.

I won't be able to attend trials. What do I do?

Get in contact with the managers of the team you want to try out for as soon as possible. If we can't get you into a team straight away, make sure you are signing up to our events and rock-ups. The more we know about you, the better your chances will be for retrials in January.

What are the different levels of play of volleyball in the club?

The first team squads are part of the Team Warwick Performance Program. As such, we expect commitment to multiple high level court trainings a week, as well as 3 gym and fitness trainings throughout the week, led by our specialised strength and conditioning coach, all for the chance to compete at the highest level of BUCS volleyball at the university. The 2nd BUCS and WMVA teams, while still competitive, have a lower commitment level than 1st. Both have coached weekly training sessions, and compete in a university league and regional league respectively. For anyone who wants to learn or continue playing volleyball without competing, the club runs multiple Rock Up and Play sessions, and the internal Sunday League. Sign up for each of these is done individually. Check out our event page for more info.

Can I join if I have never played before?

Yes! Although members on our 1st teams are generally experienced players, we have no set requirements regarding volleyball experience. Teams are decided based on the trials that we hold at the beginning of terms 1 and 2. Besides our first teams, we have our 2nd and WMVA teams which may be better suited to those with less experience. On top of this, we run weekly Rock up and Play sessions which are perfect for those interested in trying out volleyball as a new sport.

What does being a 'Performance Sport' mean?

The Performance Programme provides us with all-rounded support to help us become better athletes and a more competitive team, including our designated Head Volleyball Coach (Alex Smith at, coached individualised strength & conditioning, sports psychology training, nutrition workshops and more. To make the most out of the support we receive, all members of the Performance squads are expected to give their 100% at every session.